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Flute Key Signature Fingering Chart

Flute Key Signature Fingering Chart - Flute

Do you get confused with flute key signatures?

Can't tell which notes are flats or sharps?

Especially on the leger lines?

Our unique Key Signature Flute Fingering Chart shows you quickly and easily.

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Many of our students told us that they had difficulty recognising which notes were sharps or flats when playing music - especially if there are lots of leger lines. They said it didn't help to try to work out the note names - it took too long.

So we sat and thought and came up with the Key Signature Flute Fingering Chart.

Unlike any other charts in the world, we show you how to recognise the flat or sharp notes within key signatures whilst you are playing. The chart then shows you the correct fingering to use.

It complements our existing chromatic Professional Fingering Chart. With both charts together, you will cover every eventuality.

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