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Bassoon Reeds

Bassoon Reeds
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Bassoon Reed - Finished - Gonzalez Cane

Gonzalez Cane from Argentina, organically grown and harvested in plantations in the South American..

£20.16 Ex Tax: £16.80

Bassoon Reed - Finished - Rieger Cane New

Bassoon Reed - Finished - Rieger Cane

From Riegr, a long established European supplier of Bassoon cane...

£20.16 Ex Tax: £16.80

Bassoon Reed Doctor

How to make commercial Bassoon reeds perform as YOU want them to...

£6.95 Ex Tax: £6.95

Bassoon Reed - Unfinished

Prepared to the point of final cutting length.  You make final adjustments to your taste.Our Ba..

£11.90 Ex Tax: £11.90