About Us

If it's good enough for a professional -then it MUST be good enough for you!

If it is NOT good enough for a professional musician, then it is  NOT good for you.

Today, due to the huge growth of the Internet, the amount of "free" poor advice and bad teaching methods has exploded. As victims ourselves of poor teaching methods and useless advice, we started writing our books in 1995.

Our sole aim is to help all musicians to get the most out of their music making.

From the initial book, the Bassoonist's Reed Doctor, we have steadily added new publications until today, we have over 300 ORIGINAL books, charts and sheet music products in our catalogue.

ALL of our publications are suitable for beginners or professionals alike. If you are just starting out on the lifelong  journey through music, then you need to know how "pro's" do it. If you are more advanced, you also want to learn how the professionals do it,so that you can play better. All the best professionals constantly check whether they have the basics right - especially if they teach others.

We HATE anything "dumbed-down for beginners". None of our publications treat you like an idiot - we do our level best to speak plainly, clearly and honestly, free of jargon and verbal "padding". If we think something is wrong we say so - and then prove the method wrong!

We aim to give you a 100% honest and reliable service. If you have any difficulties, or are dissatisfied with any of our products or service, please e-mail or telephone. We guarantee you a personal service by one of the partners.

Partners are: Dr Sandra Downing and Peter Moore FInstSMM

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