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Bb Tenor Trombone Chromatic Slide Chart

Bb Tenor Trombone Chromatic Slide Chart

All the professional slide positions in 4 clefs

Product Details
Product DetailsDesigned for Tenor Trombone with trigger from Bb to F, this chart follows in our long established tradition of showing all four clefs normally found in trombone parts. Bass clef, tenor clef, alto clef as used in orchestral music and treble clef as us used in Brass band music. It is ideal for Brass Band trombonists who are used to reading Treble clef and often get older parts in Tenor Clef. Orchestral Trombonists often have parts switching in and out of Bass and Tenor clefs - here is a perfect companion for you too. But you also are expected to read Alto Clef, for example Shostakovich 10th Symphony and Mozart's "The Magic Flute". All Dr Downing's Tombone Slide Charts are ideal for sight reading practice as they don't have note names to distract you - just the music notes in both flat and sharp form. Your Tenor Trombone Slide Chart is plastic laminated for strength, wipes clean and is a compact, handy size to fit in your trombone case or pocket. Unfolded, you can read it easily on your music stand and it will not fall over.
About the Author
About the AuthorThe late Adrian "Benny" Morris, PPRNCM was Principal Bass Trombone with The Hallé Orchestra in Manchester, England and Senior Trombone Tutor at The Royal Northern College of Music and Salford University. Adrian played with many of the country's leading orchestras, and performed in most of Europe's finest Concert Halls. His many successful students all described him as an inspirational teacher.

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