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Dancing Bows Teacher`s Book (UK Notation)

Dancing Bows Teacher`s Book (UK Notation)

Do you teach the violin to children 7 to 11 years?

Would you like a way of teaching the violin that is stress free?

Product Details
Product DetailsDancing Bows is a tried and tested method for teaching the violin from the age of 7, using open string patterns and tunes in duet form. Dancing Bows and Ringing Strings, is NOT a mass, regimented "by rote" learning method. It is tailored to the needs of the individual pupil. Ideal for individual or small group tuition. Whether peripatetic or in private practice, with Dancing Bows you give children from 7 to 11 years old, a fully structured musical education. Dancing Bows incorporates Kodály principles of rhythm, ear training and inner hearing into the childrens' lessons. Above all, your pupils will learn to be relaxed and stress free. Without careful training from a young age in listening, violinists will always be lacking that essential ability to play their violin in tune. With Dancing Bows your violin students not only learn to "hear" what they are playing, but do so without the stresses and strains commonly associated with playing the violin. Your pupils learn to love music and the violin. They grow up together, so to speak.
About the Author
About the AuthorGloria is a graduate of the Northern School of Music in Manchester (now the RNCM) and the University of London. A student of Kató Havas since 1977, Gloria developed her skills as a teacher with the Stockport Education Authority for nearly twenty years. Working with the New Approach of Kató Havas, Gloria specialised in the prevention of tension and anxiety in children learning the violin. During the 1990s she received training in Kodaly musicianship in England and Hungary. Dancing Bows, her first book was first published in 1985 followed by Ringing Strings in 1991. We are delighted to be appointed publishers Dancing Bows and the Worldwide Distributors of Gloria's remarkable books. Now teaching privately, Gloria is the personal representative of Kató Havas in Europe and President of KHANA, the international 'Kató Havas Association for the New Approach'

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