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No dumbed-down "beginner" fingerings.All the professional clarinet fingerings. Printed on top quality card and laminated. Spill your drink on it - no sweat - just wipe it clean ...
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How to make oboe reeds - in full colour...
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'Ringing Strings', together with 'Dancing Bows' makes a fully field-tested course that has helped generations of children to become proficient, stress free violinists. Together with Ringing Strings Pupils Book 2 , the course consists of 24 lessons. Each pupils book has a supplement of Concert P..
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Even more beautiful slow music to help you get a great sound..
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Learn Alto clef naturally by playing it. You look and listen and it soon becomes second nature. No having to remember note-names...
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Multiple sharps and flats confusing you?YOU NEED THIS CHART!..
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