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Scott Joplin`s The Strenuous Life

Scott Joplin`s The Strenuous Life
Scott Joplin`s The Strenuous Life
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Product Details<p><strong>Scott Joplin repeatedly emphasised that ragtime should never be played fast or the delicate melodies and harmonies feel breathless and hurried.  Although you may have heard many performances played at breakneck speeds, try not to follow their destructive example.  You wouldn’t mangle Mozart so don’t jangle Joplin!  If in doubt slow down - you’ll enjoy your performance a lot more - and so will your audience.</strong></p><p><strong>Although written in 2/4 time, Strenuous Life really has a steady four beat rhythm, so count in 8th notes (quavers), at any metronome setting between   quaver = 90 - 135.</strong></p><p><strong>Strenuous Life can be played by any number of instruments from Trio upwards. </strong></p><p><strong>For Trios, one Melody part plus Low Harmony are essential  plus either bass part, but preferably Bass 2.</strong></p><p><strong>For Quartets, as Trio but add extra melody (high or low).</strong></p><p><strong>For Quintets, as Quartet but add extra Bass or High Harmony if High melody is played.  </strong></p><p><strong>For larger groups, try to keep a balance between Melody, Harmony and Bass.  </strong></p><p><strong>Bass and Harmony parts must be played delicately and lightly to avoid drowning the melody.  Their job is to support  the melody.</strong></p><p><strong>For Strenuous Life to work correctly in ensemble, at least one Tenor, or  Baritone part must be present.  If no bass instruments are available, use a piano playing a  Bass part.  If you have an odd combination of instruments not covered by the String Ensemble Set, please order extra parts to match.</strong></p><p><strong>The Mixed Wind and String Ensemble sets are fully compatible.</strong></p><p><strong>Parts available:</strong></p><p><strong>High Melody: Flute</strong></p><p><strong>Low Melody: Oboe, Bb Clarinet</strong></p><p><strong>High Harmony: Flute</strong></p><p><strong>Low Harmony: Bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone</strong></p><p><strong>Bass 1: Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Tenor Saxophone</strong></p><p><strong>Bass 2: Bassoon, Contra Alto Clarinet </strong><br /></p><br />

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