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Cornet and Trumpet Technique Doctor

Cornet and Trumpet Technique Doctor
Cornet and Trumpet Technique Doctor
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Get the right embouchure  -  without you blowing your head off!

Product DetailsDo you have embouchure problems? Can you play the trumpet smoothly? Do you have tonguing difficulties? We tell you how to make the right embouchure - without you blowing your head off!  We cover essential basic techniques in detail, jargon-free. This handy pocket-sized book helps you to correct those niggling little problems and enjoy your playing more. Problems covered are: 1. I can't get a clear sound. My notes sound 'woolly'. 2. Why are the first and third valve slides mobile? 3. I can't play slurred passages smoothly. 4. I can't get the higher notes. 5. I'm not sure that I am pitching the notes correctly. Am I tone deaf? 6. I can't get the low notes. 7. I slow music down to get the notes right, but when I speed it up it still sounds wrong. What am I doing wrong? The Valve Brass Technique Doctor is written in a no nonsense style. It slips easily into your pocket, always on hand.

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