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Flute Technique Doctor

Flute Technique Doctor
Flute Technique Doctor
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Learn to play the flute with great technique.

Product DetailsDon't things always go wrong when teacher isn't there?  The Flute Technique Doctor shows you how to cure many problems: How to hold the flute correctly; how to form a flexible and accurate embouchure; how to tongue; how to play high notes softly and in tune. The very secrets of getting and keeping a good flute sound. Are your flute problems like these? 1. The notes above D on the 4th line won't sound. 2. My tone is breathy and too soft. 3. I can't get bottom C. 4. I get confused with notes above the stave with lots of leger lines. 5. I have difficulty keeping in tune with other players. 6. I sound fine for about ten minutes and then can't get the sounds at all. 7. My neck aches severely after I have been playing. 8. My right shoulder hurts after I have been playing for a while. 9. My top F sharp sometimes won't sound. The repairer says my flute is definitely OK. 10. I can't get the notes above high C. (Altissimo register) 11. My high notes keep dropping an octave if I try to play softly. 12. No matter what I do my flute is out of tune. 13. I have difficulty getting my tongue and fingers to work together in rapid staccato passages. All these flute playing problems are answered in the Flute Technique Doctor.

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