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Oboist Reed Doctor

Oboist Reed Doctor
Oboist Reed Doctor
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Make your oboe reeds work properly and sound better.

Product DetailsHow to get the best from your reeds. Oboe reeds are made from natural cane and every reed, no matter how carefully made, is unique. No two reeds will be exactly alike, but don't despair - with a few simple tools, patience and practice, you can vastly improve your reed's performance. We don't show you how to make an oboe reed - just how to make it work for you. Is your oboe reed problem here? 1. The bottom notes are unresponsive and difficult to play quietly. 2. The middle register is unclear or "stuffy". 3. Tonguing and staccato are poor or difficult.  Tone in upper register is generally a little fuzzy. 4. Notes in the top octave are "fuzzy" or unresponsive. 5. The tone is too "dark" or heavy throughout all registers. 6. Too much cane has been removed from the heart of the blade and the tone is too thin. To wire or not to wire? Adjusting the tip opening by using wire. This brilliant little pocket book also covers scraping techniques; adding adjusting wires and reed health.

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