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Scott Joplin`s Solace for Flute Choir

Scott Joplin`s Solace for Flute Choir
Scott Joplin`s Solace for Flute Choir
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Product Details<p><strong>Scott Joplin repeatedly emphasised that ragtime should never be played fast.  This is particularly true of this splendid composition.  It is a slow Tango and should be played in a lovingly, romantic manner.  Any faster and the delicate melodies feel breathless and hurried.  In particular, do observe the pauses carefully.  <br /><br />Although written in 2/4 time, Solace really has a slow four beat rhythm, so count in 8th notes (quavers)</strong></p><p><strong>Solace can be played by any number of instruments from Trio upwards. <br /><br />For Trios, one Melody part plus Harmony 2 are essential plus a bass part, ideally Bass 1.  <br /><br />For Quartets, cover Melody, Harmony 1 and Harmony 2  plus  a bass part, ideally Bass 1.<br /><br />If available, add additional Bass parts for a fuller sound.  For example, if you have two or more Bass Flute players, have one on each of the bass parts (Tenor, Bass 1, Bass 2).<br />  <br />Try to keep a balance between Melody, Harmony and Bass.  <br /><br />Bass and Harmony parts must be played delicately and lightly to avoid drowning the melody.  Their job is to support  the melody.<br /></strong></p><p><strong>Parts available:</strong></p><p><strong>Melody: Flute, Piccolo</strong></p><p><strong>Harmony 1: Flute, Piccolo<br /></strong></p><p><strong>Harmony 2: Flute, Alto Flute<br /></strong></p><p><strong>Tenor part: Alto Flute<br /></strong></p><p><strong>Bass 1: Bass Flute<br /></strong></p><strong>Bass 2: Bass Flute<br /></strong>

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