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Tenor Clef is Easy!

Tenor Clef is Easy!
Tenor Clef is Easy!
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Learn to play tenor clef the natural way by playing beautiful music.

Product DetailsThe ONLY shortcut to reading tenor clef is to learn it PROPERLY.. Free internet "bodges" will waste your precious time - they don't work. So Cellists - don't panic. Reading tenor clef really IS easy! This delightful book by Sandra Downing makes learning the tenor clef a pleasure. Don't wait until you have to learn it - start now - and have fun as you learn. There is no mystery to learning the tenor clef. In Tenor Clef is Easy, you play beautiful melodies which are not only fun to play they are great to listen to. You play and learn them first in bass clef, then turn the page and see the music in tenor clef. The finger positions and sounds are the same. The music is arranged so that the first pieces are scalic in character then with progressively wider intervals as you work through the book. 25 lovely melodies for you to enjoy.

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