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Bassoon Reed - Finished - Rieger Cane

New Bassoon Reed - Finished - Rieger Cane

Hand made reeds made from Rieger cane, a long established supplier of Bassoon cane from Germany.

Product Details
Product DetailsSandra Downing is an expert reed maker with more than 25 years experience of making bassoon reeds for herself and her students. There is no such thing as a "professional" bassoon reed or a "beginner's" bassoon reed - just different makes and strengths. Reeds made from Rieger cane tend to produce a 'darker' sound and work well with 'bright' sounding instruments like Puchner and Fox bassoons. If you liked 'Fox' bassoon reeds with the variegated blue binding (made by Sandra), these reeds are the same profile and scrape - Sandra just uses several different colour bindings instead of staying with the blue binding.

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