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Bassoon Reed Doctor

Bassoon Reed Doctor
Bassoon Reed Doctor
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Make commercial Bassoon reeds do as they are told!

Product DetailsBassoon Reeds are natural cane. Even the most expensive reeds may need help. This is where Sandra Downing and her Bassoon Reed Doctor come to your aid. Pages of good clear illustrations help you to get it right immediately. We show you how to make a bassoon reed work properly. Is your bassoon reed problem here? 1. The bottom notes are unresponsive and difficult to play . 2. Notes around middle C are sharp and stuffy. 3. Tonguing and staccato are poor or difficult. Tone in tenor register is generally a little fuzzy or unclear. 4. Notes in the top octave are fuzzy or unresponsive. 5. The tone is stuffy (thick and hesitant) throughout all registers. 6. The tone is too thin and nasal. 7. My E (2nd space bass clef) sinks in pitch, particularly when I tongue hard. Why bother adjusting bassoon reeds? Because your bassoon is worth it! And because it puts money back in your pocket!

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