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Bassoon First Aid Doctor

Bassoon First Aid Doctor
Bassoon First Aid Doctor
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How to keep your Bassoon working and avoid expensive repair bills.

Product DetailsHow to play the bassoon comfortably? Make sure it works properly! Your bassoon is a big investment. It is a precision instrument and can easily go wrong. But you can equally easily correct minor faults yourself.  Andy May's brilliant little "get you home" pocket book helps you to keep your bassoon in tip top condition. He shows you how to assemble and care for your bassoon correctly. He also shows you how to detect faults, how to do minor on the spot repairs and adjustments and, perhaps most important, when to take your bassoon to your repairer. Andy covers the following problems: 1: My crook (bocal) wobbles. 2: I can't play up the octave. What's wrong? 3: I can't play C# below middle C. 4: Notes below E sound fuzzy or squeak when I attack them. 5: I've checked the whisper key is working and yet low notes are still not playing correctly, including low E. 6: B on the second bottom line sounds sharp but Bb and C are in tune. and more..... Keep your beloved bassoon fit and healthy -

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