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Professional Oboe Thumbplate Fingering

Professional Oboe Thumbplate Fingering
Professional Oboe Thumbplate Fingering
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All the professional fingerings for the Thumbplate oboe.

No dumbed-down "beginner" fingerings.

Product DetailsAll fingering diagrams have been derived from photographs of the oboe keys and holes, so that the diagrams look as natural as possible. There are no confusing numbers and, in addition, practical alternative fingerings are shown. All of our oboe fingering charts are plastic laminated for strength and wipe clean when your oboe drips all over it - or sticky fingers put jam on it. It folds vertically in two so that it easily fits your pocket or instrument case, yet opens out to lie flat on your music stand. Your oboe is a big investment - you deserve the best. It covers all the notes on the oboe to the third octave G. The Thumb plate system is also known as the English System.

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