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Bassoon Tenor Clef Key Signature Fingering Chart

Bassoon Tenor Clef Key Signature Fingering Chart
Bassoon Tenor Clef Key Signature Fingering Chart
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Multiple sharps and flats confusing you?


Product DetailsMany musicians have difficulty recognising which notes are sharps or flats in printed music - especially if there are lots of leger lines. It doesn't help to try to work out the note names - it takes too long. So we created the Key Signature Bassoon fingering chart. Our students love it - so will you. You will now be able to see immediately how to play any flat or sharp, no matter how high or low, or how many sharps or flats in the key signature. All fingering diagrams have been derived from photographs of the bassoon keys and holes, so that the diagrams look as natural as possible. This A4 sized bassoon fingering chart is plastic laminated for strength and wipes clean when your bassoon drips all over it. It folds vertically in three so that it easily fits your pocket or instrument case. Check our Bassoon Fingering Charts.

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