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Saxophone Reed Doctor

Saxophone Reed Doctor
Saxophone Reed Doctor
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How to get the best out of your saxophone reeds.

Save money by making your reeds work better!

Product DetailsSaxophone reeds are produced on machines that profile the reed from a template. The template does not vary but cane does vary - it's natural - so, in any box of reeds, you find that some reeds work well while others are too hard or just plain "yucky". You don't have to ditch them - this booklet shows you how to make them work. Check the sax reed problems we cover: 1. The tone is stuffy and unclear throughout all registers. 2. I can't get a clear tone - the reed seems to hiss throughout the range and I have difficulty getting the notes above top C. 3. The reed is far too hard and it is extremely difficult to produce any sound at all. 4. The bottom notes are unresponsive and difficult to play quietly. 5. Notes around middle E are hard to produce, are unclear and feel generally "stuffy". 6. Tonguing and staccato are poor or difficult. The tone in the middle register is generally a little fuzzy. 7. Notes in the top octave are fuzzy or unresponsive. 8. The reed squeaks without warning. 9. The reed was fine, but is now too soft, with the tip extremely thin or even damaged. 10. The tone is raspy and lacks richness. 11. The saxophone sounds flat on all notes despite tuning adjustments. In any box of sax reeds only one or two will play with little trouble. Cane being a natural substance will vary, whilst the machine's cut will not. If you know what to do, you can make all your reeds work just as well. Don't throw reeds away too soon. With a little "carpentry" or clipping, you can give your reed a new lease of life. When a reed plays up in rehearsal or concert, your Saxophonists Reed Doctor will get you out of trouble. Order your Reed Doctor now and you'll soon play better than ever - because your reeds will work properly!

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