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Piano Technique Doctor

Piano Technique Doctor
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Product DetailsYes, with the Piano Technique Doctor, Nadia Lasserson's remarkable little pocket book, you get the answers to your piano playing problems. We also cover essential piano techniques such as hand position, staccato, cutting out pedal noise and much more. Are any of your piano playing problems shown here? 1. My neck and shoulders ache after a short time. 2. I am double-jointed and find it difficult to achieve a comfortable hand position. 3. I can't play ascending scale passages evenly. 4. In fast passages I often hit wrong notes. 5. How can I play evenly?  Some notes always seem louder or faster than others. The answers to these problems and others, written in plain, jargon free English, are all in Nadia Lasserson's Piano Technique Doctor.
About the Author
About the Author Nadia Lasserson, ARAM, ARCM, GRSM BMus(Lond.) Mann's Memorial Prize winner while a student at the Royal Academy of Music, Nadia is an experienced performer of concertos, lieder and chamber music and has a wide experience of piano teaching. Head of Keyboard and Chamber Music at James Allens Girls' School, Dulwich, England, Nadia also teaches privately and at Trinity College of Music Junior Department, London, England.

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