Playing the Clarinet is Easy! Value Pack!

Playing the Clarinet is Easy! Value Pack!

This book will take you by the hand and show you just how EASY the clarinet is to play!


Together with the Clarinetist's Technique Doctor, included in the Value Pack, you will learn to play comfortably, without biting and blowing.

You will also learn true PROFESSIONAL CLARINET FINGERING - with none of the ludicrous "baby-talk-short-cuts" which plagued the old fashioned tutors.

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Product Details<h2 align="center"><a href="">Click for the full description.</a></h2>
About the Author
About the AuthorAt the age of 18, I taught myself to play the clarinet. Like so many others before me and since, I struggled to achieve a good technique despite the contradictory advice offered in the existing primers and tutor books. If there is a fault to be played on the clarinet, I have suffered them all. Playing the Clarinet is Easy! is the result of more than 50 years study and teaching experience. <br /></h5><div align="center"><a href="/index.cgi?page=pjm.html&cart_id=" target="_blank" title="Peter Moore">For music biography click here</a>. </div>

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