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Scott Joplin`s Bink`s Waltz

Scott Joplin`s Bink`s Waltz
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Product DetailsScott Joplin insisted that ragtime should never be played fast.  Unfortunately, far too many performers and record producers have ignored his advice in the past.  The result has been that many amateur musicians have considered his music too difficult to play.  Played at sensible tempi, however, the Mozartian delicacy of Joplin’s melodies and harmonies become clear.  You would never thrash Mozart’s music to death at ridiculous speeds, so why treat Scott Joplin’s music in such a cruel way? This delightful, tuneful waltz has been arranged so that any group of performers from trio upwards can enjoy playing it.  We have deliberately avoided naming parts as first, second or third wherever possible.  Far too many people interpret such numbering to indicate skill levels, which is, of course, completely false.  In reality, melody parts are often easier to play because the melody helps a performer to guess what is coming next.  Harmony parts, although often appearing technically easier, require a greater degree of skill as the performer must always be alert.  If you lose your place in a harmony part, especially if you are new to the part, it is often very difficult to find your place again.  This is the minimum combination to give a satisfactory performance. You will need 1 Melody, 1 Harmony and 1 Essential Bass parts. If you are missing a suitable bass instrument, the Essential Bass Bb Clarinet part will suffice, but will be limited in its true bass capacity.Quartets:  1 High Flute or 1 Extra Bass, 1 Melody, 1 Harmony, 1 Essential Bass.  Quintets: 1 High Flute, 1 High Harmony or Extra Bass, 1 Melody, 1 Harmony, 1 Essential Bass Larger Ensembles: At least one performer on each part.  If you double up, add performers on Melody and High Flute Parts before adding additional harmony parts.  The essential aim, however, is to strike a true balance between parts. Parts available: Melody: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet High Harmony: Flute Harmony: Clarinet, Alto Saxophone Essential Bass: Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Tenor Saxophone, Tenor Trombone Extra Bass: Bassoon, Baritone Saxophone, Contra Alto Clarinet, Tuba

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