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To a Water Lily

To a Water Lily
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Product Details<p>This delightful tone poem is from Edward MacDowell's Woodland Sketches, originally composed for piano. <br /><br />His Woodland Sketches, Op 51, a suite of 10 short piano pieces, were composed in 1896, perhaps the most well known and frequently transcribed being “To a Wild Rose”.  MacDowell described these compositions as “suggestive music”, where the title indicates the composers intentions but without being slavishly programmatic.<br /><br />This beautiful composition, “To a Water Lily” is not as well-known among non-pianists as “To A Wild Rose” but, in our opinion, is even more worthy of praise.  It transcribes most effectively to woodwind instruments which are capable of adding sustained sound and atmosphere, impossible to achieve on the percussive piano. </p><p align="center"> <a href="http://www.drdowningmusic.co.uk/Music/Clarinet/WaterLilyCl.htm" target="_blank" title="Water Lily for Clarinet">Click here to listen and look. </a><br /></p>
About the Author
About the AuthorThe American composer Edward MacDowell, 1861 - 1908, was the first head of the music department in Columbia University, USA, from 1896 to 1904.  He is well known today for his delightful, melodic and romantic piano pieces, many of which are still firm favourites. 

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